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May 23 2018

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полосатая сосисочка

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Seapony Noodle for Mermay!

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Finished Flower Cutie for @lionsong448

you, my friend, are aMAZING!!

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They’re just such good friends, aren’t they?

May 22 2018

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was designing a lunar themed witch for patrons but she ended up being a space themed witch! this + many more sketches are up on my patreon


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Local ice enthusiasts can’t handle the ever rising temperatures.

(click for details, resizing messed up the quality as usual)

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Lyra The Cutie

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i haven’t done an adoptable ages omg v_v expect a lot more coming bc i need to start raising money for moving out~

anyway, this pony is up for adoption adopted! yaaay! thanks for your continuous support, everyone. it really means a lot!

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Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the love of my life!

JR wanted to see what Flashie would look like as a hippogriff, so here he is!

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my two favorite unicorns

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Commission :) It’s not too late if you want to commission a gift portrait for Christmas, for you or someone else !


You know something? Cats just get it… they intrinsically know that if you get overwhelmed you should just pass out in a sunbeam in the middle of the floor because that’s how it be sometimes

Me @ Kaufbeuren: why are you like this.

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A quick doodle for mermay.

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Gift Art for @welcometojsworld

there you go student, one mod horse for you~


straight person: but how do you Know when someone around you is gay?

me: today in yoga class our instructor said “this exercise is about being straight” and i immediately said “i’ve never been good at that” and only one (1) woman laughed. she had four piercings in her ears. what else do you need me to tell you





ok but imagine a roomba that’s programmed to react positively when being scratched or petted 

#or a roomba that’s programmed to recognize their owner and drive up to them for no other reason than to be petted

roomba company, please make this happen

I have a Neato Botvac that has an optical sensor to find its way around (Roombas just bump into things and derps off in a random direction) and yesterday it did its “dee-dummm” sad noise while under the couch, stopped what it was doing, and hummed over to me and stopped beside my chair, with its error message saying, “Please dust me off so I can see.” I wiped it off and sent it on its way, and it did its “doo doo do doooo!” of happiness and finished the living room.

It’s never done that before, but I like to think that I’ve gained its trust over the past few months, and it knows it can come to me for help.

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More LGBT discord emotes! I decided to include the ace and aro flags this time around since a lot of people seemed to want them last time.

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Celebratory ice cream, anyone?

I can’t believe that my follower count is finally in the 4 digit range, I feel so lucky to have reached this milestone after 3 years of hard work! I am so glad that I’ve come this far and am ever so grateful to have an amazing and supportive following that helps me not only with my art, but also seems to genuinely care about my feelings. You’re all so awesome and I thank you.

Photoshop kept crashing with multiple full-size images on the canvas at once which is why these are so tiny so send me a message if you want to get the full-size version of your ice cream!

100 tags below the cut!

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*zeros in* I KNOW THAT COLOR

Thats such an awesome idea! Thanks for coning me :>

And congrats to 1000! You 100% earned it :>

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